What is Snap and Sell

Snap & Sell is a online marketplace that allows anyone to post goods they're selling or find what others have to offer in St. Lucia. Snap & Sell is a FREE to download and FREE to use mobile app for buyers and sellers alike.


Selling an item is easy, simply snap a photo, add the price and details, to make it available to everyone. A seller can be any person or business that wants to sell their used or new items. Sellers can post as many items as they like, there is no limit.


Users can browse various categories of products posted by sellers. Find anything from used electronics like (phones, tablets, computers), to the latest products and deals offered by local businesses near you.

Who we are

Snap & Sell was created by Glace Web to help locals make some money on unwanted items and increase commerce in businesses that need a new medium to sell. St. Lucia is the first step in a Caribbean wide initiative that will help people and businesses alike make money in a whole new way.

Contact Us

Contact us at info@snap-sell.com for more information or advertising opportunities.